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FREE ebooks: Harry Potter (Christmas Cookbook), LEGO and MInecraft

LEGO City: Cops, Crocs, and Crooks! The Quest: The Untold Story of Steve, Book One (The Unofficial Minecraft Adventure Story Books): The Tale of a Hero Flynn’s Log 1: Rescue Island (Stone Marshall’s Flynn’s Log) The Legend: The Mystery of Herobrine, Book One: The Start of a Quest (The Unofficial Minecraft Adventure Story) The Obsidian… [read more]

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Computer Lesson-Mouse Surfing

The kids really enjoy their computer time, so I picked up this book over the summer, and it has amazing lessons to engage kids at the computer (learning) Today’s Lesson was Mouse Surfing, where it’s a doodle program, from Paint and you create your own picture from Doodles. All you need to do: 1. Open… [read more]