• DIY–Easy Science Project To Amaze The Kids
  • Monday’s-The Ultimate Playdough Link Up
  • Hot Diggity Dog–It’s National Hot Dog Day, Let’s Celebrate (Free Surprise)

I Did It—I Made A Felt Board–12 Minute Project

This has been on my list for months, and months. Then today, I decided I would accomplish this. It was rather easy, and I am so embarrassed that it took me so long to do, since it was so easy. The entire project, not including the stop at Michael’s, was 12 minutes. I know that… [read more]


Great Resources–For Spelling

Here are some great resources for spelling (well, I include a worksheet or two for the boys there), as you might be able to tell, I have been working this week on planning the boys spelling and vocabulary this week. I purchased All About Spelling at last year’s conference and I obtained this great Evan… [read more]


Summer Science–Liquid Rainbow In A Jar

I’m pretty sure, that if you are using Pinterest, you are finding amazing project though out the year, that you never get to, so I went through mine and choose, RainbowsHarry PotterNew England States For my blog, this summer. Tonight (after a shopping trip to Target), I sat the boys down and we attempted to… [read more]


Seat Belt vs Air Bag Science Experiment

New Hampshire is a pretty lenient state about Seat Belt laws, it requires that only under 18 people are required to wear them, which leads an interesting debate, which lead us to our Seat Belt Experiment. It went like this, if only children need to wear them, why, 1. First I gave the children a… [read more]


Which Will Melt Faster–Large Ice or Small Ice?

Since, we are surrounded by snow and ice, I wanted to incorporate that into today’s science. I grabbed two sandwich bags and filled one with large ice cubes and the other with crushed ice. And I set them on my counter, to see what will happen throughout the day. Here’s what we learned: The surface… [read more]