• Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos
  • Spelling Lessons on The Lawn–Great For DIY
  • Hurry! Free Homeschool Planner, Minecraft Math Lesson, Science Lessons

My Journey Into Homeschooling

I never really fulled explained, why I homeschool. So that is today’s subject, as I reflect backwards. Our journey began, way back when Ethan was 3 and Jason was just one!! How the time has flied! Kevin finished residency, and he started thinking about doing another 3 years getting his Master’s in Public Health. By… [read more]

playdough link up

Link Up Party-Add Your Playdough Recipe

Welcome to the link up, I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend, in New Hampshire it has been raining, so the kids have been inside and keeping busy. Here is an easy recipe to get the link up started: Uncooked Play Dough 2 cups of plain flour 4 tablespoons of ‘cream of tartar’ 2… [read more]


We Did It–We Made Our Own Globes

Yesterday, a friend and I went over different concepts in Geography, I ordered a great hands on projects for the kids at Lakeshore Learning. Today we made our globe from a balloon, flour, newspaper strips and water. First, I blew up two balloons, my kids where so thinking, why is mom doing this? Then I… [read more]


Math Activity Of The Day–Tally Mark Activity

    Math is a tricky subject in our house. Ethan had 3 years of Everyday Math, and while it’s proven to be great, Ethan seems to have some gaps in his math skills. I have been making games, to fill in some of it, since it doesn’t seem possible or reasonable to have Ethan… [read more]


Free Printable Spelling Lists

My kids love printing out their spelling list and they love them more, when they have themes on them. My son Jason, just finished up two weeks of hockey camp, so I thought I would make these printables for the new year,  I made a few pages for each sport, hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer and… [read more]